Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Stop Tryin' to Tell Me How to Internet!

People love sharing their views on facebook, tumblr and other social networking sites. People love blogging. People love posting pictures of their kids and their meals. People love doing selfies.

Other folks love criticizing them for any and all of these activities. They love to call out others for their "vanity" or "narcissism" because they like to put a bit of their personalities on the internet.

Well, guess what? Just about everybody's at least a little bit vain. If you're not in the least bit concerned with your physical appearance, your manner of dress, hygiene and so on, then you're probably either a monk of some sort or a type of socially maladapted person that no one wants to be around or follow on twitter. Either way, you surely smell really bad.

If not, shut the fuck up. There. I did it. I told you how to internet.

Because if you don't like my crooked teeth or my big nose or my ultra-leftism or my songs showing up in yer newsfeed, then don't look at them. Unfollow. You, yourself, are also a vain person, a little narcissist. Because you look nice. You brush your teeth. You have mirrors in your home. And you smell good.

The way we present ourselves to the world via our physical appearance - our style - is an opportunity for self-expression. Dressing well can be empowering. I know a few people who have developed incredible senses of style since I've known them. It's always fascinating to see what they're going to do next. It's a window into a person's mind. What could be more interesting than that?