Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Turn back,
Go back to your mountain.
Leave this world now -
you are not welcome here.

Leave now with your sword
   and your shield
   and your rocket propelled grenade
   and your tank
   and your rubber bullet
   and your tear gas.
Leave now and never return.

This world will have no more of you,
   you who run rough-shod over our cities
   and our countrysides,
you who extinguish our friends
   and our neighbors,
   our elderly
   and our children.
This world is not your playground;
our lives no mere sandcastles for you to kick over.

Leave now,
   and take with you our presidents
   and our prime ministers
   and our other false leaders.
Get out of here.
Go back to your cloudy peak.
We don't want you here.