Thursday, July 24, 2014

Without Words I Defeat My Enemies (Verse)

My body is lean and it is corded.
My mind is strong and it is set.
I am well-equipped;
I am well-able
  to defeat my enemies.
My nerves are hardened steel now
a flame-forged armored shell.
My mind is a blade -
razor-sharp, well-made
  to defeat my enemies.

Without words you say I'm not good enough.
Without words you put me down.
Without words you bind my wrists and ankles
  in sustaining shackles.
Without words I know your fears.
Without words I know your needs.
Without words you lock me in a cage,
  but here I have the key.

My heart propels me to liberty.
My soul's a fiery convertible.
I am on the road to victory;
I hit I 40 west as hard as I can
  to defeat my enemies.
My eyes are open finally.
My ears are listening.
A voice is ringing sustainingly -
now I know who I am
  to defeat my enemies.