Sunday, July 27, 2014

"The Assembler" (Verse)

The Assembler stands by his bench,
electric drill in his hand and
a pocketful of screws,
putting together expensive electrical devices
so he can feed his kids on foodstamps,
so his boss can live in Chanticleer.

His dreams -
he left them in a dumpster
somewhere between Jackson and Memphis,
because what's a dream
compared to a wage?

A chorus of kinfolk sneeringly sing -
"What's a dream compared to steady pay?
When will your dreams
- pay the power?
- put food on the table?
- pay the rent?"
He makes himself a pack mule,
tries to make new dreams with and
for someone who'll just toss him aside
when the greener grass gets high.

The Assembler stands by his bench
his dreams buried far away,
once again full of ire and fire,
but now he's got a new dream;
and he's scouring some West Tennessee landfill.