Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Somehow I'm getting way too many of these sweet, delicious berries this summer. Way more than last year anyway. Sure, tomatoes must be some of the easiest fruits for someone to grow at home, hence their popularity. But as a novice gardener, it feels like a triumph to be able to produce more than I need. The plants just keep cranking 'em out. Maybe I'll just whip 'em all into some spaghetti sauce or something. Or maybe I'll learn how to can them, which is a really useful skill.

Other than the tomatoes, this year all we've got growing so far are a couple of green bean plants my 3 year old boy started from seeds at his daycare and some gourds that grew spontaneously thanks to their seeds making their way into my compost last summer. Those plants also appear happy, but I doubt I'll post any pictures of the actual garden, as it isn't exactly what I'd call picturesque at the moment.

Anyone want any tomatoes?