Friday, June 20, 2014

Repertoire Building

Now is the time for me to build a good repertoire of songs to share with others. I've got lots and lots of original material, lots of which I'll continue to play. But there are so many great songs out there that I want to sing for folks, whether they're old corny childrens' tunes that everyone knows or obscure works by unknown or lesser known artists.

Here's what I've been collecting so far:

American folk songs, especially of the South
Irish drinking songs
A few Mexican corridos
Classic punk rock
Tin Pan Alley songs
A few showtunes

What I'd like to do is to travel around a bit, play in schools (from pres-school to university), people's houses, and in DIY spaces, meet lots of people, get people to laugh and sing along, and fill folks' cups with the sparkling, clear waters of the rivers of song.