Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spirit Animals

When I see Iggy Pop, old or new, I can't help but shout "Hello, Cousin!"
and think of the serpent, in all its lithe, wriggling muscularity.
He called himself a cheetah, but, this rock 'n' roll animal should
also look to the snake as one of his spirit animals.
People like to claim spirit animals these days.

I have four:

1. Wolves
2. Raptors
3. Snakes
4. Sharks

I can relate to all these.
Probably because they're all meat eaters.
As such, I've been trying to get as much meat into my body as possible.
I'm just hungry for it.
Like the Turukhan wolf far from his pack,
wandering the tundra,
who happens upon a solitary elk and devours it whole,
I seek meat in any and all its forms,
but especially beef steak.
Wolves are outsiders,
rejected by society.
I'm like a wolf who
tried to dress up as a poodle for too long and
got a chain around his ankle, and
busies himself gnawing through his own leg for freedom.

I just find myself drawn to these beasts moreso than other creatures.
Sometimes I imagine myself as a caged shark,
growing too large for his bars,
rupturing them and consuming his captors.
Other times I'm the titular character
- albeit with the predator's gleam in my eye -
in Skynyrd's biggest hit, targeting rabbits or cats or fish.
But I'm a caged bird.
I'm no free hawk, roaming about hunting at my own leisure.
Instead I'm just somebody's falcon, dutifully returning to my master's gauntlet.

To hell with that!

Now I struggle against my bars, my chains, the falconer's call.
I wriggle loose and escape to freedom,
to realize my true animal nature that has been trampled for too long.
The more meat I eat, the more animal-like I feel.
The more the beast emerges,
the less I feel like staying at home,
trapped within my own sad four walls.

I am become fierce again.