Monday, April 28, 2014

Making things is like the process of digestion.

First you consume something. Listen to some music, go see a movie, have an experience, whatever. It's all food for the soul. Then your creative, artistic mind shits it all out again as a new song or painting or something. Also like digestion, the lower the quality of nourishment you consume, the less healthy you are.

Lots of people think of their creative processes like that. But not me. Nope. Why would someone compare their own work to shit? Instead, I think of the creative mind as a womb. The creative soul is feminine and godlike. It takes in seeds -selectively- and gestates them until giving birth. If your creative work is like your baby, of course you're gonna care about it, take care of it and nourish it properly. If it's just a turd all you'll do is flush it.