Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I roll my eyes

when people say there's no good music out there today. OPEN YOUR EARS. That's total bullshit. There's LOADS of AMAZING music out there in 2014, and it only takes a minimal effort to find song after song that you will love, in whatever the genre.

The internet and technology have definitely influenced music in both positive and negative ways, but on the positive side, it's now fairly affordable for a penniless pauper such as myself to obtain decent recording equipment to make stuff in the privacy of my own home. With the internet, a musician can get her or his work out there if s/he is willing to hussle.

The plus is, of course, balanced by the minus, and with the availability of cheap gear and free tutorials, tabs, and so on, there is now a much larger herd of DIY musicians in cyberspace, making it tough to cut through the clutter.

But I am blown away by how much good new music I hear every week, just from my soundcloud stream, or from music blogs that help promote emerging artists.

For a listener, a music fan, we may be living in the best age ever!