Tuesday, April 29, 2014

I want to be loved for who I am and what I am.

I want to be accepted in spite of my many flaws.

But how can I expect to receive such treatment when I don't give it? How can someone expect to be loved for all of his qualities - both good and bad - when he can't even give that to himself? How can someone who hates himself (at times) and struggles to express love and affection expect to be loved?

I believe this is the fundamental change that I seek. In actuality, I'm not changing anything about myself or who I am. Instead, I'm just choosing to accept myself for my good and bad sides. I can always work on flaws and try to improve, but the emotion of self-rejection has to go. I figure if I can leap this hurtle, I can turn my focus outward again, not be so self-obsessed, and hopefully love other people (friends and family) and be there for them to help them with their problems. Maybe this will help me learn to accept others and love them as they are as well, and not be angry at them for their supposed flaws. Maybe it'll help me to overlook shortcomings and really love other people.