Monday, December 2, 2013

Tantalus (Poem)

I'm a mess inside
And I want to clean up.
But how?
How do I become a good friend,
Husband, father, son?

How do I calm the waters?
I'm little more than a piece of driftwood
Afloat in a foamy rapid -
Beaten against the rocks.

I'm an autumn oak leaf on a breeze -
Dry and brittle,
Flitting from branch to branch -
On my way to the ground.

My hands are coated in oil -
Unable to hold onto anything I love.
It all just slips or squirms out of my grasp -

How do I become a good person?
Someone whose company
Others enjoy
Rather than merely tolerate,
The kind of person
People admire,
The kind of person
Deserving of love?

I am Tantalus -
Love -
The fruit unattainable.