Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Retail Therapy

It was cold but dry and we got bundled up and set out for a little Christmas shopping. The road stretched out straight ahead of us, mostly unlit, dipping down and easing back up. Flashing lights were visible near the crest, just before the big intersection.

"You know it's bad when they've got a bucket on the road," I said.

We took in all we could without rubbernecking. The moped was beyond destroyed, on its side and sandwiched between an ambulance and a firetruck, atop a dark spot on the road wide as a kiddie wading pool. There weren't any cars around. What'd happened to that moped?

"That's a dead person," I said, my grasp of the obvious as strong as ever.

"A human life," she said, visibly shaken.

We pulled past the wreck and continued on our merry way. Nothing a little retail therapy wouldn't cure.