Thursday, December 19, 2013


Ever get down in the dumps? Well, nobody can help you like you can help yrself. Hell, there's a whole industry of folks desperate to relieve you of your cash so that they can help you to help yourself.

Sure, "self-help" sounds like some new-agey B.S. But I have found a device that can help me get through anxiety, depression, panic attacks, paranoia, rages and so on: mantras.

A mantra is a phrase or saying that you repeat to help you focus. I like to make them up. It makes me feel good. You just repeat the things over and over again until you start to believe it. Here are a few that I sometimes use when things get particularly bad. Note that the words to be emphasized are in italics.

1. I deserve to live.
2. Cancer can't get me.
3. I am handsome.
4. God doesn't hate me.
5. I can grow a beard if I want to.
6. I am tall.
7. The room isn't spinning.
8. This isn't a coronary.

Of course, I have many, many mantras to get me through the endless trials and tribulations of life. These are but a few that I use daily.

I hope that you may find this technique useful, perhaps even adopting some of my mantras or crafting a few of your own. If you would like me to compose your very own personal mantra for you (perhaps your writing skills are on more of a remedial level), I can help.