Tuesday, November 19, 2013

School of the Americas Rogues Gallery of Villains - General Manuel Noriega

On October 3, 1989, the United States invaded Panama. The goal of "Operation Just Cause" was regime change - to kick General Manuel Noriega out and install a new governement in the place of his.

The story was big news in the U.S. back then. As usual, we were the good guys. We were sending our boys overseas to kick ass and depose a ruthless dictator, defending democracy and freedom like the liberators we are. Plus, President Bush Sr. had been called a wimp a few times, and we can't have that, now can we?

Hardly mentioned was the fact that General Noriega was a graduate of the School of the Americas, a U.S. taxpayer-funded terrorist training camp located at Fort Benning, GA designed to keep control of over our "back yard." 

School of the Americas Watch has a database containing approximately 60,000 other such graduates of the S.O.A. 

S.O.A. Watch's annual vigil calling for the close of this reprehensible institution is November 22-24 at the gates of Fort Benning.