Friday, September 6, 2013

This Machine

My guitar has a mission.

I'd always wanted one of these and finally sold a bunch of stuff to buy one a little over a year ago. I've put it through the ringer, needless to say, but it's hanging in there, although it does need a little TLC.

The tone knob got broken so only the "rhythm circuit" works now. Hence the duct tape.

This scar was got at the instrument's first show at the Radio Room in July 2012.

Pins and more duct tape. . .

The slogan, "MINGA" is the Spanish-ized version of an the ancient Andean indian concept of communal work. Painting the word on my guitar is a reminder that there's so much more potential in music beyond cheap thrills and escape. Sure, music's great for helping you to forget your troubles and enjoy life and it will always hold that power and perform that service.

But it can also rally people and excite them, it can help spread the word and the news. It can be an agent of change, whether that change is on a personal or a social level.