Thursday, September 5, 2013

Playlist for Week of September 5, 2013

Lots of ties this week. Perennial favorites are still here (Seeger, Guthrie, Pavement, Beatles) along with itinerant types (Leonard Cohen, Robert Johnson), one operatic tenor singing Cole Porter (Thomas Hampson) an increasingly strong showing from locals (Me Fail English? Unpossible!),  including a skyrocketing Blueroots, all the way to number one!

1. The Blueroots
2. Pete Seeger
3. Woody Guthrie
3. Leonard Cohen
3. Robert Johnson
3. Satan in Bondage
7. Me Fail English? That's Unpossible!
8. Pavement
8. Billie Holiday
8. The Beatles
8. Thomas Hampson
8. Billy Bragg & Wilco