Thursday, August 22, 2013

Recording Some New Songs

Max Price and I have been recording a bit lately. My bout with pleurisy has delayed completion of the vocals, but we've got all the instrumental tracks nailed down for two songs: "Boss Man" and "On My Skateboard I am Free."

We're  recording on 1/4" analog tape at Max's and his buddy Nick's recording studio, Black Sneaker Souls, here in Greenville. (B.S.S. is also a band, by the way). 

Max setting up the reel-to-reel. 

I guess it should be mentioned who's doing what. Max is engineering and hittin' the boom-ka-diddles.

Note the dictaphone mic and fag pack for muffling.

I'll be doing all the sangin' but so far all I've gotten done is guit-picking.

Thankfully Max and the gang have lots of nice crusty old guitars and amps to round out the sounds of my battered Jazzmaster and Cyclone.

The tunes are loud, abrasive shout-alongs with some fuzz and feedback. I'll post rough mixes when they're ready! Until then, here's what "Boss Man" sounded like live at A.J.'s house one night.