Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Playlist Week of August 21, 2013

Here in the South, I hear a lot of dudes say "everything but country" when asked what they listen to. It's a stock answer, one I've found to be somewhat inaccurate given the relatively narrow scope of hard rock, rap and pop these dudes tune in to, most of it recorded in the last 20 years.

Me, I love country music. Or maybe I should say I love old country music. But there's tons to hear in all genres. Here's what's been floating my boat the past week:

1. Louis Armstrong
2. The Marcels
3. Pete Seeger
4. Billy Bragg & Wilco
5. Robert Johnson
6. Ray Charles
7. The Mar-Keys
8. Woodie Guthrie
9. Muddy Waters
10. Bukka White
11. Pavement/Barbara Stephens/Gus Cannon & Memphis Willie B.

Yeah, it's all fairly old stuff. So? Sometimes I like to track the trends, but most of the time, not so much.