Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Results of Danny's MRI

"It doesn't look that abnormal in this scan at all," Dr. H_____ said, turning the virtual brain around and around on the screen with the wheel of his mouse.

The tiny cream-colored room was comfortable, temperature-wise. Danny stretched out on the paper-lined bed while Dad and I occupied two armless chairs against a small window. We had been there for well over an hour when the doctor finally entered. Good thing I always bring a book!

He'd prescribed an MRI because he was concerned that the CT scan suggested the possibility of strokes, which are "hard to prevent."

"Sometimes CT scans can pick up artifacts or pieces of bone can obscure the view."

"Atrophy of the brain consistent with history of closed head injury."

He sort of mumbled his analyses of the scans in that anticlimactic way that brings the greatest relief when confronted with medical mysteries.

Danny's seizures must have been caused by the blow to the head. The MRI, which gives a clearer picture than the CT scan, revealed no new trauma inconsistent with the normal progression of Danny's original brain injury.

"Try getting him into some therapy for his balance," was Dr. H_____'s final recommendation.