Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Lute Gets Itself in Tune (Poem)

Lute's most fundamental desire was harmony:
     To harmonize with the zither and the rebec
     And with the psaltery and the flute.
He wanted to orchestrate the other instruments,
     To conduct them and bask in the warmth of their chords.

But he was out of tune.

His internal discordancies made simple harmony with others impossible,
     His solos unlistenable.
Waves of frustration washed, parallel to the rise and fall of his ensembles.
Only when Lute awoke to his own dissonance,
     When he saw the state of his strings,
     Did things begin to improve.
New catgut, a bit of maintenance and he resounded
     As well as when he first left the Creator's workshop.
Finally he began to hear the chords he'd always longed for;
At last he sang with others as he was always meant to.