Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Browning of North America - A Vision

Neoliberal policies in the North continue despite mounting resistance from Central and South America. Our dwindling resources get more and more used up as we escalate the climate catastrophe with the Keystone Pipeline.

In the South, people are aware that they're oppressed. But in North America, comfort, convenience and highly scientific propaganda in the forms of news, entertainment and advertising have disguised much of the population to the fact that things are not alright, and that the system is flawed deeply.

Immigration from the South continues. A larger percentage of the population identifies as "hispanic" or "latino." The ancient indiginous Ecuadorean concept of mink'a - shared collective effort - spreads across the United States and Canada as immigrants, people of color, anarchists, socialists and others left out of the limited prosperity of the status quo join in resisting the destructive force of the Free Market. Working class white America becomes increasingly aware of the predicaments we all share, joining in the struggle.

Capitalism falters, its vulerability taken advantage of by the growing mass of people made increasingly aware of its imminent doom. One knockout blow after another topples the corporations and systems of oppression and violence we've all been born and lived under.

New institutions arise to replace the old, promoting inclusive, participatory democracy and economic systems. Health and literacy improve as more and more people take their educations and food production into their own hands, building bonds locally and growing community through the organization of co-ops. A new "system" arises, this time based on human need and long-term planning rather than short-term profit and "success." Humanity survives and begins to thrive.

And the South will lead the way.