Thursday, March 7, 2013


Or read, rather.

I don't need to write something classic, something that anyone'll quote anywhere or something that anyone'll ever reference.

All I need to write are the truest things I'm capable of. If it's opinion, so be it, it's mine. I'll try to back it all up with facts.

But I'm not operating under any illusions here.

I know I was born into privilege. I was born in the United States. Being born in any other First World country would bring a person much the same privilege.

Although by American standards my family falls well below the poverty line, I know that I'm much better off than most other people on this planet. Here I sit typing on a computer, blogging. I live in a house, insulated, with propane heat and electricity. I play music, electric guitar rock, to be exact. As I type this I'm eating. Not rice and beans on a tortilla. I'm eating summer sausage and gouda cheese on some fancy crackers that we bought with our fucking food stamps. And it's delicious. I'm happy. I'm lucky.

That's why I feel so much responsibility. Even if it's only to a small group of people. Chomsky said something to the effect that the greater opportunity you have, the greater your responsibility. The fact that I live such a privileged existence means that I have more opportunity to work towards a better world.

So it's imperative.