Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tracy y Mickey (Song)

Tracy was from Traveler's Rest;
Miguel (Mickey) was from Honduras.
She was a gas station clerk;
He sent sus centavos home
That he made
Laying shingles in the sun.
She had learned
That she could not live alone.
How they burn burn burn.

They moved into a single wide;
Her brother Rob helped pay the rent;
The three of them lived together.
Every dime they earned was soon gone
To get by my my.
Now she's twenty-nine and pregnant.
"Oh why why why,"
She prayed constantly,
"Lord, save my child."

Robbie came home one sweaty night
Eyes all red all liquored up
Itching for a fight, he was hot.
He yelled "I'd rather see you dead
Than in bed with that wetback!"
Now six fists fly oh my.
Police arrive, guns are drawn
And a hundred bullets fly.
Only Mickey lies cold and dead.

Vivir sin amor no es vivir;
To live without love is not to live at all.