Friday, January 11, 2013

I Don't Wanna Live With You (Song)

He yelled “I don’t wanna live with you no more!”
As he put his fist through the wall.
The kids were hiding underneath the bed
As they listened to the whole world fall.
“This trailer ain’t big enough for the two of us,”
He said. “Either you go or I go!” Well –

“Goodbye, goodbye
I’m leaving, don’t ask why.
I’m through with you.
Goodbye, goodbye
I’m leaving and here’s why –
I’m through with you.”

“I don’t wanna live with you no more!”
She hollered through the bathroom door.
Then he threw her music box
Into the grandfather clock.
“I’m taking the kids far away, far away from you,”
She said. “You will never see them again!”


“I don’t wanna live with you no more!”
He yelled as he walked out the door.
Then he threw the Pontiac in reverse
And backed to the edge of the road.
He must’ve sat there idling for half an hour, then
Pedal to the floor and the Sun Bird’s in the den.