Wednesday, December 26, 2012

January Detox

I have yet to be convinced of the efficacy of "New Year's Resolutions." To me they seem like a laundry list of bad habits that no one has the will or inclination to rescind. The whimsical decision to"quit smoking," "exercise more," "drink less" and the like hardly seem doable in the the long run without a deeper look inside at the root of the problem and an active game plan for change.

Instead of attempting to change my ways, this January I'm going on a month-long detox. I'm going to minimize the amount of toxic material I willfully ingest while consuming detoxifying agents (leafy greens, fruits and vegetables, garlic and ginger, grains, various herbal teas) and sweat out all my accumulated poisons with exercise. It's partly to cleanse my body, but more importantly I will cleanse my mind and my soul. Beginning the exercise routing will, in part, depend on a rearrangement of my schedule thanks to new employment opportunities that I hope will pan out sometime in the next 2 to 4 weeks.