Sunday, December 9, 2012

Bossman (Song)

Bossman, boss man leave me be
Bossman, boss man get off my back

Every day I punch in; every day I punch out
40 hours less or more
I'm glad to have employment
But it's hard to find enjoyment
When your job is a goddamn bore
Bossman sign my paycheck
I need some cash to get
My honey's ring out of hawk
Point your finger this way
Point your finger that way
My eyes are on the clock

Bossman, bossman leave me be
Bossman, bossman get off my back

Just because you pay my wage
Don't mean I hafta let you treat me like a slave
I don't belong to you
Just because I work for you
Don't mean that I can't find something new
I don't belong to you

New day, same shit: bossman had a fit
And called me in behind closed doors
Said "Might as well admit it, you never seemed to fit in
We won't be needing you no more."
All this he told me as if he'd just sold me
His face all ugly grimaces
Then he called security so they could escort me
Off the premises

Bossman, bossman it seems to me that
Bossman, bossman you're smoking crack