Saturday, October 6, 2012

New Songs 2012

probably willn't come out 'til 2013. You see, I've got a new approach to recording these days. Now what I wanna do is just lay down a song acoustically, live, in as few takes as possible, as soon after I've written the song as possible. After I have lots and lots of songs recorded, I'll put together albums of them so that they go together well. This way I can write whatever I want, however I want, and put out a good bit of work without having to take forever layering instruments and vocal harmony.

The thing is, most of my time is taken up with responsibility: making ends meet, taking care of the children, maintaining the house. I can't really record loud instruments at home these days. Maybe when the kids are bigger it'll change. So this way of working will work for me.

Last month (September) I used this documentary approach to recording and laid down about 20 mostly brand new songs. I'll do a bunch more the rest of the year and hopefully by January I'll have enough for a solid album.