Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sick Day

Today I'm at home, sick with one of those pre-season colds that wil just shittify your whole system for a few days. Somehow I caught the germ over the weekend, when I found myself obsessed with descumming the house. We get so busy around here with kids, jobs and school that the house gets neglected. I guess all that dust I kicked up in every room in the house was carrying something in it.

But enough whining. You can slap me if I bother you, or you can at least try.

So far today, being ill and all, the only thing I've managed to "do" is watch this little documentary called Kill Your Idols, all about Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Theoretical Girls, Mars, DNA, the Contortions - the No Wave scene of the late 70s and early 80s - and their followers, from Swans and Sonic Youth to vacuous nostalgia acts like Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Are Weapons. Lydia Lunch's point of view is particularly inspiring: "to separate the truly desperate from those who are looking for entertainment."

Now it's lunchtime and part two of Do Nothing Day, featuring The Fearless Freaks, another rockumentary, this time all about the Flaming Lips. Now, I've loved the Lips since around 1993, the "She Don't Use Jelly" era. Hopefully listening to Wayne Coyne speak won't fucking ruin them forever for me. Once upon a time I read this interview with him in some rock periodical and he just seemed like this egocentric Bozo medicine show barker. We'll see!

Excuse me while I go cough up a lung.