Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Entertainment is a waste of time.

I want more.

Often I hear conversations about music, film and television. It's usually judged solely on its merits as entertainment. How badass is the protagonist? How tight is the music? How many tits per square inch?

The films, bands and television shows I hear everyone talking about aren't interesting. The experience ought to be layered, and understood on multiple levels. Why watch or listen to something a second time if you've gotten the whole thing the first time?

We don't live in an age where there're shitloads of time to jerk off and be entertained. We need to see real things. Real shit.

Somehow I grew up liberal in a more or less conservative family. I've always believed in equality and prosperity through shared responsibility. The Democratic party has always packaged themselves on these same values, and I've been blue since I could vote. But so often I think that the real change we need isn't going to come about through voting. Don't get me wrong. I recognize the fact that the outcome of general elections does have an impact on people's lives, including that of my family and me, and I regularly exercise my civic duty and vote.

But the real changes, the fundamental reforms that we need in terms of economic policy and income equality, the environment, water and food supplies, won't happen no matter who gets elected. Lobbying and special interest groups are too powerful, too influential. No matter how much the President says he wants to raise taxes on the rich - a reform I welcome as just and prudent - he can't do it without the approval of Congress. And the Republicans have squared their shoulders in this fight a long time ago.

Food insecurity in the US is around 14.9 percent. Climate change marches on relentlessly, in spite of what right-wing-christian-social darwinists will tell you. Water is scarce for a billion people.

This is what the world is like. Who has time for TV, video games and smartphones?