Friday, August 24, 2012

The Ritual Part 4

Solomon Chew knew the ritual would work. He never doubted it. But he had always been guided by his convictions. That’s why he started playing guitar in the first place. He knew that if he took up the instrument that he would be the best, fastest, most accurate guitar player in the Tri-County area. He could already play most of the riffs and solos from his favorite metal albums, including a note-for-note rendition of “Eruption.”  He read all the major guitar magazines religiously and spent most of his free time practicing, sometimes as much as eight hours a day, much to the consternation of Brenda. Sol cared little for his classes or teachers, and even less for his classmates. They ridiculed him for his long red hair, his freckles and his torn jeans. But he ignored most everything non-metal related and stayed focused on his playing. He was an outsider and proud of it. He knew that when he got famous he would have the last laugh.

The incantation Sol had chosen from Simon’s Necronomicon for that Halloween was called “The Conjuration of the Fire God,” and he hoped it would raise creatures like Pazuzu, one of the Ancient Ones, Demon of the Southwest Wind and possessor of Regan MacNeil in William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist. He had the movie on video cassette and had watched it over and over, until the tape was rendered unwatchable. “If I could raise a demon with power such as this,” he often mused to himself, “then I could create pure chaos.” Sol had found his copy of the Necronomicon by chance in a used book shop on a rare trip to Atlanta and became enthralled with the spells and curses of the “Mad Arab” purported to have written it. He thrilled to the dangers of which the book’s introduction warned. He had memorized the particular spell needed for that night, and had committed many of the featured seals to memory, constantly copying them in his notebooks or school desks. 

* * *

Hang in there! We'll be back with more from Sol and the gang Monday.